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    Power Brain Training is an exceptional program that teaches you how to improve your brain’s potential, through physical conditioning and balance, sensory awareness, emotional regulation, concentration and imagination. The combination of these conditioning practices improves focus, confidence, memory power and creativity. We offer children, adults and family programs catered to create healthy, happy and peaceful lives.
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“Brain Power training gave me awareness to my physical body. I am breathing better and I feel more flexible. Intellectually, I am alert to events that happen around me. I get less distracted when I am doing something and I feel motivated to intellectual challenges. Emotionally, I am able to recognize my feelings and it gave me tools to use to not react to them. Spiritually, I feel connected to the energy that runs the universe. I am happier than before I started to take the classes.”

~~Barbara Silva, adult member

“We love Power Brain! My son (age 4 ½) enjoys the classes, loves the teachers, and has learned a lot about how to calm himself and create a more even disposition through movement and games. It’s fun, creative, educational and very valuable for the children. It’s a big Power Brain family and we highly recommend it.”

~~Isabel Pietrusiak, parent